Group Consultations

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This consultation takes place both in-person AND online depending on which version you register for.

Each group consultation is 3 hours long and costs $80 US. 

All consultations take place Tuesday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm MST/7:30-10:30pm EST. Click here to convert to your time zone and use New York City for Eastern time zone reference.

The location for each group consult will be determined by the number of people registered and will be emailed to you prior to each consult.

There are a limited number of online consultation spots for each date. Online registrations will join via Zoom. Details with consultation log-in information will be emailed 1 week prior. If you do not receive the email, it is your responsibility to email info[at]abiblakeslee[dot]com the day before the consultation so there is time to send you the information.

Questions regarding Bozeman group consultations can be directed to the coordinator, Karen Lundgren, klundgren27[at]

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change with Abi's schedule. Should a schedule change be made after you have registered, you will be given the opportunity to change to another date or provided with a refund.

If a consult is full, it will not be available for purchase.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Cancellation Policy

Due to the complexity of organizing multiple participants, you will not be able to cancel or transfer to another session once you have paid. However, you are welcome to transfer your place to another colleague in the training that you know. This will be your responsibility to coordinate and they can reimburse you.

If you arrange a transfer, please email the group coordinator Karen Lundgren at klundgren27[at] with the date of the consultation affected and the name and email address of the individual who will be attending. She will then send the consultation details to the new attendee.

I have done consultation work with Abi for my Somatic Experiencing® certification and she is fabulous! Abi has expert knowledge about Somatic Experiencing® and teaches in a way that is easy to understand and practical to implement.
— Christine Limon, LMFT

After your purchase

You will receive a receipt for your records once your purchase is complete. You will also receive a reminder email with location details the week before your consult. If you do not receive it, first check your spam/junk folder. If it is not there, please email the Bozeman coordinator Karen Lundgren at klundgren27[at]

Should you not receive the location details, it is your responsibility to let us know via email. We cannot make up missed consultations unless we hear from you in a timely manner before the consultation begins.

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Signing session logs

Each group consultation with Abi Blakeslee counts as one credit hour of case consultation with an Institute faculty member towards your SEP certificate requirements. Following your group consultation, you will receive an email to be submitted to SETI and used in-lieu of a signed log sheet.

As a bodyworker, I really appreciate how useful Abi’s input and feedback is. I come away from her consultations with new insights and clear, practical strategies to help me be more effective with my clients.
— Lisa Gillispie, SEP, CST

What to expect

SE Consultation is a necessary and enriching aspect of your SE training.  It will allow time for you to ask personalized questions as well as help you integrate SE work into your specific practice. 

I am always willing to explore topics that would be most supportive of your learning.  For example, you may have general conceptual questions about the SE curriculum and how it appears in your practice, want to present an individual case, or discuss issues related to somatic resonance and somatic countertransference that would be useful to explore.

You will be asked to share a brief (and confidential) description of your client and his, her, or their background (around 5-10 minutes depending on the complexity of their history and presentation). If you have been through the intermediate training think about what “categories” of trauma they might fit into.

Also, let me know what SE interventions you have tried and what the outcome was. I may ask you to share what kinds of bodily sensations or other elements of SIBAM you have been tracking while working with them.

Some question we might explore together:

  • What kinds of bodily sensations or other elements of SIBAM you have been tracking?

  • At baseline where is your client’s nervous system?

  • Are they regulated, sympathetically charged, or shut down?

  • Do they exhibit fight, fight, and freeze in their bodies?

  • How do they describe their physiological state?

  • How do you perceive their physiological states in their bodies?

  • Have you been able to facilitate pendulation?

  • How have you used SE with them successfully?

  • Where and how do they continue to be dysregulated?


I would like to co-create goals with you.  For example, some goals that many SE students have are: creating a better clinical gestalt of SE, learning how to apply general SE concepts to specific cases, and the movement toward the “art” of the work that seamlessly begins to blend with your professional field.

To register for the IN-PERSON VERSION of this consultation, please click the button below.

To register for the ONLINE VERSION of this consultation, please click the button below.