Developmental Workshops

BASE™: Bodywork And Somatic Education Relational Development, Rupture and Repair
A Somatic Developmental Perspective of Attachment and Bonding

Dave Berger, MFT, LCMHC, PT, SEP, MA and Abi Blakeslee, CMT, MFT, Ph.D., SEP

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This workshop will approach the development of human attachment by experiencing the role of the structure of the body in relationship.

Posture, movement, sensorimotor development and kinesiology are rarely understood as important features in human bonding. Yet, it is through movement and touch that self-regulation develops, dyadic bonding is learned and a sense of self grows.

Through lecture, experiential exercises and practice we will examine the primary structures of attachment and how shifting the structure can shift the relational field.

During the course, we will be exploring:

  • 5 Early Primary Structures of Attachment

  • Developmental Movement Patterning

  • Polyvagal Theory in Early Relationship

  • Co-regulation and Self-Regulation

  • an Overview of Rupture and Repair Cycles

  • working somatically with couples and practice with Dyadic Somatic Tracking

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If cancellation is one month prior to start date of each training there is a full refund less $50; 2 weeks prior to start date, 50% refund.  Less than 2 weeks prior to start date there is no refund.  Payment can be by check, cash or online as specified on registration and information materials.

Upcoming Classes

November 30-December 3, 2018, Chapel Hill, NC (click for flier)

Location: Rigmor House, 5501 NC Highway 54 West, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

For more information, contact:
Dawn Ward
(919) 559-1797

Early-bird registration by November 1, 2018: $760

24 Continuing Ed. Hours: Psychologists, Social Workers is included

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